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Friday, March 18, 2011

Say it in English...

Some Indonesian terms or expressions are translated into English. I hope, it will be useful....

Aduh, amit-amit : God forbid!
Ah bising, sana pergi! : go jump in a lake!
Ah, mo tau aja lu : you ask too much
Apa yang akan terjadi, terjadilah kita akan siap mengadapinya : come what may
Belagu amat sih lu! : you talk too much
Benar-benar, betul-betul : to be madly, truly, deeply
Biarin : let it be
Cinta buta : love is blind
Cuci mata : sight seeing, window shopping
Curhat : heart-to-heart talk
Dasar laki-laki mata keranjang : a womanizer
Dasar rese! : it is so annoying!
EGP - emangnye gua pikirin : whatever - I do not care
Gaptek (gape teknologi) : to be up to date with technology
Genit : flirtatious
Gokil : crazy!
Gotong-royong : cooperation
GR (Gede Rasa) : to have self esteem
Hitam manis : a good looking dark skinned person
Ih, nggemesin banget sich! : aw, so cute (I want to crush you to pieces and eat you up!) usually said with much excitement
Jaim, jaga image, jaga gengsi : to keep up with the Jones
Jayuz : telling jokes that is not funny
Jomblo : someone who does not have a boyfriend or a girlfriend
Kasihan deh lu : poor thing, poor you
Kawin lari : to elope
Kebangetan : that is far out, that is unbelievable
Kecele : I am sorry I thought you were someone else
Kekasih gelap : secret lover
Kesemutan : one's leg is asleep
Kikuk : awkward
Kuper, kurang pergaulan : not out going (very narrow minded due to lack of communication skills)
Mabuk-mabukan, minum-minum : to have a drinking party (alcohol)
Mak comblang : a match maker
Malu-malu kucing : to be shy
Malu-maluin : to bring shame
Mata duitan : to love money
Mimpi kali yee! : only in your dreams, dream on, it
Minggir dong : watch out; move over!; excuse me!
Naksir : to have a crush on someone
Ngambek : to sulk
Nggak juga sih : not so much
Ngiler : to drool or to want something real bad
Pamali : taboo
Pantesan : oh, no wonder
Parno abis deh : very terrified, petrified with fear or worry
Patah hati : broken hearted
PD - percaya diri : self confidence
PDKT – pendekatan : saying nice things to someone like 'you look nice today' to get to know someone better
Pedagang kaki lima : street vendor
Perut keroncongan : growling stomach due to hunger
Pesantren : an Islamic school and dormitory
Plin-plan : wishy-washy
Ragu-ragu : to hesitate, to be in doubt
Rasain : serves you right, you deserve it
Sambal : hot pepper sauce
Sampaikan salam saya kepada : please give my regards to …
Saya lagi nggak mood ngomong sama kamu : I do not feel like talking to you right now
Bagai seekor burung pungguk yang merindukan bulan : to have very high expectations
Semau gue : I will do as I please, whatever I like
Senyuman maut : a killer smile
Serak-serak basah : throaty, hoarse, husky voice
Sok tahu : smart alleck, mr. know-it-all
Syukur, untunglah : thank goodness
Tabrak lari : hit and run
Tidur-tiduran : lying around - to lounge around
Tumben : surprisingly;it is surprising that you come, that you called, that you contact us (something which has not been happening for a while)
wira-wiri : to and fro
Ya ampun : oh my goodness

If you have any correction about this post, please comment. ^_^

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