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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Poem for Mama

I wrote this poem as I sat, thinking of my mama.
I dedicate this poem on her special day.

Dear Mama,
I’ve seen an angel
Since the day I was born
She’s beautiful and strong.
She cried when she heard my voice.
She smiled when she saw my face.
And it’s you…mama.

Day after day we’re together.
You’ve taught me right from wrong.
Year after year is passing by.
You’re getting older.
But, I see your gentle heart is still young.

Now your daughter has grown up.
I’m not a pretty girl as you wish.
I’m not a smart girl as you wish.
And I haven’t been a perfect woman as you hope.
But, I promise to make
All your dreams come true.

I would never stop saying Alhamdulillah
Because I have you here.
Thanks God… Thanks mama….
For the care, the love, and the prayer
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my wonder woman.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my dearest mama.
I love you with all my heart.
©  J  ©

(by Maryunita Mark)


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