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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

For Papa from his Daughter

I remember the day when I was still a little baby. I started to walk and I fell down on the ground, he raised a hand to help me stand up again. My hands were bleeding, but I didn’t feel the pain.

I remember the day when my mom was very angry to me and he took me to his lap and said everything was OK. It was so daunting, but I felt so comfortable.

I remember the day when I cried on the corner of my bedroom and he tried to console by inviting me to go to the beach and we ate my favorite food. Then, all the sadness went away.

I remember the cold morning when I slept on my bed and he came to hug me. Then I told him about my bad dream that night. The frightening night and the cold morning turned into warmth.

I remember the day when we were traveling on the ship, he asked me what things I really wanted. And, I told him all  the things I wanted. Then, he said, “Insya Allah, I’ll buy those things for you.” My enthusiasm conquering the waves.

I remember all the things I’ve passed through together with him in every joy and sorrow……

He’s my only father, the best father I’ve known, I love him the way he is.


Faisal Syaifudin said...

Kisah yang menarik,,, salam kenal ya...

Maryunita Mark said...

Thanks a lot....
Salam kenal jg :))

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