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Sunday, June 22, 2014

What Is Twenty Eight?

As usual, I never think that my birthday is something special to be celebrated. What for?
I am getting old and I have not married yet. It’s not something that I have to be glad for.

However, I am grateful to be blessed by God, Allah SubhanahuWata’ala. Thankful for the great family (even though my parents forgot my birthday), the cheerful friends, and the lovely students.  I am not alone.

Twenty eight is a patience.
Twenty eight means enjoying myself whatever I am.
Twenty eight has eternal power.
Twenty eight means struggle and hope that never end.
Twenty eight is time to prove the real me.

This month, June is a hopeful month. I am waiting for three good things. I wish for those three things, not one or two of them, but all those three things that can complete me. And when they come true, it will be the best day in my life.


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