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Monday, December 27, 2010

The Beautiful Marina

I make up my face carefully with foundation, powder, blacken eyes, eye shadow, blush on, and the last touch lipstick. I look my self in the mirror. Perfect! I admire my self that day after day, I'm getting more beautiful. I comb my long black hair. I’m glad to know my hair can grow as long as this. I take one of the picers in my accessories box. I turn around my body in front of the mirror to make sure that I look perfect now.  I think I look so beautiful now.
I’ve lived in this rented house for two years. even though it's small, this house is clean and tidy so I feel comfortable here. The biggest room is my bedroom with pink nuance. I put two big poster of my idol, Britney Spears and Madonna, on the wall. There is a small living room and a small kitchen where I usually practice my talent in cooking.
I escape from my family. I hate living with them. I’m the only child and my parents have divorced. They never really want to know about me because they are busy with their careers. My mother is a famous lawyer who always tries to win the case of her client. And my father is only a low income officer who always tries to get one’s promotion. I have ever tried to live with my mother and then my father, but I couldn’t stand the grumble of my step mother and my step father. My father is just the same as my mother; they seem to ignore everything about me. They have their own family now. I felt disappointed and I decided to choose my own way.
Now, I’m happy with my new life. I’ve got a good job as a cook in a prominent restaurant. But sometimes my heart flare up, why did I choose this way? I really love my parents and I’m afraid I’ll make them disappointed.
 I walk elegantly pass the row of the stores. Today is my holiday and I have a n appointment with my best friend to shop together. I feel confident walk in the crowded place like this. Every man who pass me, straightly look at me. I think my high heels suit my slim body. My white skin is also matched with my pink blouse and my blue jeans. Actually some years ago I had black skin, but with a good treatment, my skin looks much brighter now.
Marina!” shouts a girl’s voice’s calling me.
She is Shasa, my partner in the restaurant where I’m working now. We have made appointment to shop together. Shasa is a cute girl with cream colored skin. She is two years younger than me. I really like the two dimples on her cheek.
“Hey, I’ve waited for you for so long” grumble shasa.
“I’m so sorry, honey.” I say to Shasa. “Let’s start our shopping day.”
“OK” Shasa answers. “but, you have to promise to treat me lunch after shopping.”
“Of course, sweetie.”
Shasa smiles and her two dimples look so sweet. Her smile always makes me feel happy. It’s like I drink cool water when I’m thirsty.
I sit silently while my mind is flying so far away to my past. I remember my parents, my friends, and my beloved who has left me alone and married with another person.
Marina, what’s wrong with you? Why are you so quiet?” Shasa asks and looks me curiously.
Shasa’s eyes remind me to someone. But, I don’t want to be washed away with that. “Come on, eat your lunch and we go home. I’m so tired”
“geee…don’t be mad, Marina. I’m scared to see your red eyes” Shasa spoils like a little child.
Shasa walks nimbly in front of me. She looks so cute like a junior high school student, even she is twenty years old now. I pull her hand to walk beside me. We walk to the bus stop with hands full of shopping bags.
It’s cloudy and getting dark. A red Honda Jazz stops in front of us.
“I think it’s my cousin’s car” Shasa observes the car.
I don’t care. I think Shasa is just joking.
“yeah, that’s Melanie and Romi.” Shasa is screaming when the window is opened.
I’m so surprised to see a woman on the car. It’s true, that’s Melanie with her husband. Suddenly, I feel so nervous. I don’t know what to do. I want to hide, but it’s too late. They’ve seen me now.
“How beautiful is your friend, Shasa. What’s her name?” asks Melanie.
“Oh, she is my friend, Marina – and this is my cousin, Melanie.” Shasa introduces us.
“Nice to meet you.” Melanie shakes my hand.
“Nice to meet you too.” My hands tremble.
Thanks God, Melanie doesn’t recognize my face. Even the shadow of my face is not flashed in her mind. Perhaps, she has forgotten me. Oh, I remember, I’m different now. I’m not my self like my self in the past.
“This man is Melanie’s husband – Romi.” Shasa introduces the handsome man who is standing beside her.
Marina.” I shake the man’s hand that looks about thirty years old.
Although Melanie doesn’t move from her seat I can see her big stomach. She is pregnant and I think she will have a baby soon.  But, she looks more beautiful than before.
“I think I’ve ever seen you, Marina. But, I forget when?” Melanie says and thinks.
“Oh really?” I ask nervously. I feel the wind blows harder now.
“yeah” Melanie stops for a while. “You look like an actress. Uh, I forget her name, who?” she scratches her head.
“Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, Kate Hudson, Anne Hathway,…..” Shasa tries to guess.
“Umm, Luna Maya, I mean.” Says Melanie surely.
 “Marina, do you want to go with us.” Shasa invites me.
“No thanks. It’s better if I take a bus because we aren’t in the same destination.”
“I’m so sorry. I have to leave you alone here” Shasa says sadly.
“It doesn’t matter.”
Then the car passes in front of me. I’m still standing to falter in the bus stop. Melanie was the girl, who had been my beloved. She has forgot me, but I’ll never forget her in my life; even though, she doesn’t love me anymore. In the past, people know me as the handsome Martin and now I’m the beautiful Marina. Nobody knows that I’m actually a man. This is the only way to escape from all my memories in the past.
♥♥♥ The End ♥♥♥
Rounded Rectangle: Notes:
Escape		: melarikan diri			Treatment	: perawatan
Divorce		: bercerai			Past 		: masa lalu	
Grumble		: mengomel			Curiously	: dengan penasaran
Ignore		: tak mempedulikan		Recognize	: mengenali
Dimple		: lesung pipit			Destination	: tujuan

                                                                                                          By. Mary


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