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Saturday, August 10, 2013

I Miss This Food So Bad

First time I tried this food was about two months ago when I was in Jakarta. It was so delicious. In the morning, my family and I had a planning to go shopping in Pasar Tanah Abang. But suddenly I didn’t feel good. It felt like I want to vomit. I was hungry, but there’s no food I wanted to eat. Whatever I think, I want to vomit. That was awful. Then we walked down Tanah Abang III Street. I saw a food cart in front of Padang Reataurant. An old man was selling soto mie in a small food cart. The only food that interested me. I asked my dad to buy for me. I tried and Mmmmm….it was so yummy yummy. It was so so so so delicious and made my body feel fresh again. Thanks a lot soto mie! Soto mie consists of noodle, meat, tomato, cabbage, bean sprouts, and cakwe. I want to try it again, but so sad, I couldn’t find a real soto mie in Makassar. I miss soto mie so bad….    :’(


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