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Monday, March 5, 2012

Is there equality in education for girls in Indonesian schools

Long time ago, when Indonesia was still colonized, the women just stay at home doing the house chores. They could only see the world outside through the window. Girls couldn’t go to school. From the past to the present day, many people tend to assume that boys and girls are different. That’s true if we talk about the sex and the physical. In other side, boys and girls are equal in terms of skill. What about in school, is there equality in education for girls in Indonesian schools? I dare to say YES. 

Based on the new National Education System Law of July 2003, a national education system should ensure equal opportunity, improvement of quality and relevance and efficiency in management to meet various challenges in the wake of changes of local, national and global lives. It means that all people in the society and all genders have the same right to get the proper education.

According to my experience as a teacher at Islamic boarding school, there’s no difference in case of the lessons for boys and girls. The girl students aren’t doubt to compete with the boys. When the students have to clean their classroom, boys and girls should work together to sweep the floor, erase the whiteboard, take out the garbage, etc. The teachers also give the same rules for all of the students, except about the uniform. So, there will be no gender discrimination anymore.


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