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Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Dreams and the Future

You may call me a big dreamer, but I’m not the only one in the world. I believe that dream is the beginning of a hard work. And when we've tried so hard, we can get successful. If God offer me to ask five wishes, I’ll ask these things: 

* Go to Ireland

 Ireland is one of the most beautiful countries. And, I like Ireland the most. It’s because my favorite boyband is from there.  But my biggest reason is because this country is peaceful, quiet, and green. I’ve read many articles and I’ve seen many pictures about this country. Hmm…Sligo is my prime destination. The more I know, the more I want to go there. Unfortunately, I don’t have much money to have a vacation there. But, I believe someday this dream will come true. 

Have a green home
If I have much money, I’ll build a beautiful green home. The house should be sturdy and big enough to accommodate my family. It consists of one big living room, one big family room, five bedrooms (two of them have bathrooms inside), a dining room with  a set of big dining table, a kitchen, one bathroom outside the bedrooms, a toilet, front and back terrace. It has a balcony on the second floor to see the view around the house. Most of the furniture is in green nuance. Green color can make me feel more comfortable.
* Have a beautiful garden

The green home is not perfect without a beautiful garden. With a wide yard in front of and behind the house, I’ll plant many different kinds of flowers and plants such as roses, jasmines, orchids, Bougainville, achilea, camellia, palm trees, etc.  There will be a fishpond with a little bridge on it.  The garden should be arranged very well.

Have a beautiful daughter
I used to dress up and make up when I was still a little girl. I used to wear my mom’s clothes. And when I grew up, I liked to dress up my little sisters. Hehe…of course we looked very strange with that make up and dress, but we felt so happy. Now when I see a beautiful little girl, I wonder if I have a little daughter. I will do what I used to do. I will buy or make many different beautiful dress, shoes, and accessories for her. I will also teach her to be a polite and a smart girl. 

* Have a boutique
     I love fashion and I love shopping. I like to see many different kinds and colors of clothes. That’s why I really want to have a boutique. I will make it comfortable and more comfortable with a warm smile and greet. I won’t buy clothes from the other shops, but I’ll make it by my self. I can design beautiful dresses. Well, actually I’m still trying to learn to sew clothes. But, that’s not a big problem, I’m a hard worker. People can order the clothes they want. And if the clothes that are already made aren’t fit on their body, I can adjust the clothes to their body sizes.  My boutique will be different from the others. 

"Don't let go of your dreams. If you have determination and belief in your dreams, you will succeed in spite of your desire to let go." - Catherine Pulsifer, from Don't Let Go Of Your Dreams...

      Yes, I believe the power of dreams....


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