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Sunday, May 1, 2011

I am Evergreen

Green is my favorite color. Green is very close to the nature such as forest, lakes, rivers, trees, and grass. I love the nature, that's why I love green too.

Green is beautiful. When I see a girl/ a woman  wearing a green dress, she looks so pretty. When I see a boy/ a man wearing green shirt, he looks very handsome. When I see a green thing, it looks so beautiful.

Green is healthy. I've read an article that a green environment can make kids are more intelligent. And of course, if we want to stay healthy we have to eat a lot of green food such vegetables and fruits. Green is also good for our eyes.

Green is peaceful. Green is a color that is often mentioned in Al quran. It's a symbol of Islam. It represent the freshness of religion returned for the worship of God.  It is something related to the humanities' love. So, when we are loved by someone, we feel that our mind is cool, calm and peaceful.

Green is happy. Yeah Green... I'm beautiful. I'm healthy. I have a peaceful life. I'm Happy....
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