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Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Most Beautiful Korean Actress (Kim Tae-Hee)

I love watching Korean dramas/Korean movies and if someone asks me, who’s the most beautiful Korean actress? I’ll say, she is Kim Tae-Hee, right? She has beautiful eyes and sparkling teeth. When she’s smiling, I bet, everybody will be fascinated. She looks so natural with long black hair and her white skin. Her height is 165 makes her look very cute.
Kim Tae-Hee in a scene of Love Story in Harvard
Kim Tae-Hee is popular for her roles in the TV series such as Stair Way to Heaven, Love Story in Harvard, and My Princess. She was born on March 29 1980 In Uslan, South Korea. She graduated from Seoul National University with a major in Fashion Design. She was excellent in academic; in middle school she had an average of ‘100 for all subjects throughout her three years in middle school.
She began her career as a commercial model in the television in the late 90s. Her career in entertainment was budding through her antagonist characters in Stair Way to Heaven; she acted as a bad stepsister. Then, she was honored with the Best Female Newcomer award for her acting in supernatural series, Forbidden Love. After that, Kim appeared in campus romance series, Love story in Harvard alongside Kim Rae-won in 2005. Her role as a diligent and a smart medical student of Harvard University succeeded get many Korean Drama Lovers’ attention.
Kim then appeared in 2 films, The Restless with Jung Woo-Sung and Venus and Mars with Sol Kyung-gu. In 2009, she starred in one of the most expensive dramas ever produced, action thriller Iris with Lee Byung-hun.  And the latest from Kim, she played a character in romantic comedy series, My Princess alongside Song Seung-heon.

                                           She's beautiful, isn't she?
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                                                 Maryunita Mark


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