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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

♛ A Note for My Birthday ♛

What day is it today? It’s Tuesday. Oh it’s June 21st.
1986. Well, I don’t know exactly how it was twenty five years ago, but one thing I know my mom was struggling to give me birth at that time.  Thanks God…. Thanks mommy…

I’ve never really realized, how lucky I am, to be in this family. I have a cool father who always raises me up and I have a strong mom who always cares her children. And of course, I have cheerful brothers and sisters who always make me happy, proud, worried, sad, or angry.

Sometimes I think that I’m still a little girl when my parents are near me. Sometimes I feel like a teenager when I’m around my teenage students. Sometimes I feel like a mother when the little children are around me. And sometimes I feel like I’m an old woman when I’m alone. That’s why I don’t want to be alone. I don’t want to get old so soon.

It’s twenty five now. Some people say that it’s not a young age anymore and not very old. Oh…I always think that If I could turn back the time, I would fix all my mistakes which have made me so slumped like this. But, I’d better not to look back. It’s better to look forward, do my best and see my brighter future. Right?

Wow…it’s a quarter of a century. I’m one fourth of the way to 100, way to go.  I can’t believe I’m still standing on this earth and having my trip around the sun. I’m not old…I’m not old…I know that I’m still young. This year I will make my life much happier than before. I promise!!!

My God, Ya Rabb…You know what I’ve been dreaming about. And I always tell You at my midnight pray. That’s our secret.

(I close my eyes and make a wish)
I start my new day.
。◕ ‿ ◕。

Thanks to:
My Big family, my friends, and my students for the birthday greetings through phone call, sms, and facebook.
You've made my world so colorful.
Love ya all


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