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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Beautiful Woman

Dear beautiful woman,
Look at to the mirror in front of you,
Who’s the woman you see?

You’re a diamond of this world
Coz when your lips smile
The sugar doesn’t taste sweet anymore
And when your eyes blink
The sunshine gets loured

You’re an angle of the green paradise
Rove wander in the blue sky
With the wings of your kindness
You put everything in positive ways
And share all the colors of happiness

You’re a treasure that hasn’t been found
Coz you never try to show off yourself
Hidden so close but no one can see
Like a flower behind the savannah
And only a sincere heart can touch it.

You can be a cute daughter, a good friend,
A nice sister and a wise mother
I know you very well more than the others
coz you are me, my self
I’m the beautiful woman…..

Puisi narsis….boleh setuju, tidak boleh tidak. heheh..


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