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Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Review about is a kind of English online dictionary. We can translate any words or phrases easily through this site. Why do I say it’s easy? it’s because we don’t  need to open a book, page by page to find the meaning of the words, all we have to do is  just typing the words and choose what language we want to translate; Indonesian to English or English to Indonesian, and then enter or click the translate button. And in this new look of, I find that not only dictionary, but there are also games, articles, and free magazine. Wow…I think, it’s so interesting and fun. And we can also set this site into our mobile phone. I think, I’m going to try it.

In this blog I have written many things such as articles, poems, or my own experience, and some of them are in English. As an English learner who is still learning, I always need a dictionary beside me to help me with my English writing. I sometimes frustrated when I couldn’t find the right English of the words that I looked for in my dictionary book. So, I decided to use the internet connection to help me. Then, I found this site on Google. Thanks God, thanks… I can write many things in English more fluently. I’ve been using this online dictionary for about a year and I will always use it as long as I need. I hope for the next time, can also provide useful idioms or inspirational quotations which can motivate people to learn English.


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