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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Can We Save the World?

               All over the world we are losing biodiversity; different kinds of animal, bird, plant and insect life. There are many reasons for this: air and water pollution, growing number of people, hunting, global warming, and disappearing habitats. What can we do? Can we save endangered species?
                People have suggested different ways to save biodiversity. We can establish nature reserves or national parks, like the Wolong Mountain Reserve, the last home of the giant panda. We can recycle rubbish, and reduce damage to our environment. New technology may help us to reduce pollution. We can control hunting and save the animal skins and bodies.
                In the future, one way to save endangered species (and perhaps to bring back extinct animals) may be to clone them. Cloning is a special way of copying the genes of living or dead animals to grow a new animal. This has already happened. In 1996, scientist cloned a sheep. You will also know about cloning if you have seen the film Jurassic Park. However, many people think cloning will cause a lot of problems. In Jurassic Park a scientist cloned dinosaurs but the dinosaurs escaped from their reserve and attacked people.
                One thing is certain. The problem of endangered species is bad and it is getting worse. Scientists think we are losing twenty to thirty species of plants and animals everyday. If we do nothing, we will lose the battle and endangered species in their natural habitat will become extinct. Do we really want to live in a world without our favorite animal?


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