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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Unique Animals


The Loris is not the most active animal in the world. It lives and sleeps in the rainforests of South Asia. It is careful and deliberate when it climbs. It doesn’t swing or jumps like a monkey. That’s too energetic! Lorises are small and brown and have very large eyes because they feed at night on insects and plants. They also like small birds but they don’t catch many! They are one of the slowest and sleepiest animals in rainforest.


The shark has always had a bad reputation and the Great White (the star of the film Jaws), has the worst of all. It is the most dangerous shark that exist and perhaps the deadliest assassin of the animal kingdom. It swims near beaches and has killed many people. With its impressive teeth it can bite through cables and boats! The biggest white sharks are up to six meters long and weigh up to 1800 kilos.


Perhaps the most beautiful and delicate bird in the world is the hummingbird. Hummingbirds are tiny, brightly colored creatures which live in forests and feed on the nectar of flowers. The smallest of all is the bee hummingbird which only weighs two grams. Hummingbird can hover in the air, just like helicopters, moving their wings up to 200 times per second.


With its busy little legs and long tiny body, the centipede is one of the strangest common insects. Centipedes can be brown or grey. They love dark, wet places, and eat worms and insects. Most centipedes are less than ten centimeters long but the giant centipede from Madagascar, the world’s longest centipede, can reach 30 centimeters! “Centipede” means “one hundred feet”. Is that a good name?


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