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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Global Traffic Jam

How long does it take to you to get to school or work in the morning? In some big cities it can take ages to go anywhere and millions of people spend hours sitting in traffic jams. For example, in Jakarta in Indonesia, the traffic is so bad during the rush hour that it is quicker to walk than to go by bus or car.

Pollution Danger: The problem with walking to school is that you have to breathe; in many cities the air is not exactly clean. In some cities the pollution caused by cars is so dangerous that people wear masks in the street.

No Cars: There re few cities with no cars. Venice is one of these and people get around on foot or by boat, by water buses or water taxis. It is more expensive to go by gondola and not very fast, but much more romantic!

Public Transport: in many places, public transport also gets very crowded in rush hours. In Tokyo there are special workers to push people into the underground trains. But if you go by underground you can avoid traffic jams and public transport causes less pollution.

On Your Bike: Perhaps the best way of getting around is by getting on your bike. It can be more dangerous but a lot of cities have special bicycle lanes. Going by bike does not cause any pollution and it is good exercise for you!


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