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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Diary for Anna

Anna was very happy because her mother gave her a diary as her birthday present. She loved her diary because the color was pink, her favorite color. She always brought her diary wherever she went. When she went to school, she brought her diary in her bag. When she went to the playground, she always held it on her hand. And when she slept, she put it under her pillow.

Anna was only a seven years old girl. She hadn’t known what diary is for. She just brought it wherever she went. One day she went to the playground to play hide and seek with her friends. She put her pink diary on the bench. In the afternoon, when she arrived at home, she was so surprised because her diary wasn’t with her. Then, she went back to the playground, but she couldn’t find it there.

Anna went home sadly. She came into her bedroom and cried on the bed. She felt so guilty because she couldn’t keep her lovely diary well. Anna’s sister, Amanda came to cheer her up. But it couldn’t stop Anna from crying. The next day, when Anna got home from school, she suddenly jumped up happily. Anna saw her diary on her desk. Anna asked in her mind, “why is the diary here? I’m really sure that I left it on the bench yesterday.” Then, Amanda told her that she got the diary from their neighbor who found it behind the mango tree yesterday. “Uh, oh, I remember. I put it behind the tree when I’m hiding,” said Anna.

“Now, you have your diary. If you really love it, you have to keep it well. You don’t have to bring it everywhere. And you can write about your feelings and your experiences on it,” said Amanda

“Thank you. You are right, I love my pink diary, but I love my sister much more than my diary,” said Anna. Then, Anna hug her sister.


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