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Sunday, July 17, 2011

An Ugly Daughter

     There was a woman named Mrs. Rosa who lived in a far village and has two daughters. The older daughter’s name was Ayunna and the younger one’s name was Azalea. Ayunna was ugly but she’s friendly, while Azalea was very beautiful but, she’s a little arrogant. The mother loved the two daughters equally, but the way she treated them was different. Mrs. Rosa always praised Azalea as a beautiful and a good girl. In the other side, she always said bad things about Ayunna.

     When the girls were little, Mrs. Rosa invited them to go to a family’s party. Mrs. Rosa had bought the same dresses for them. When, she saw Ayunna and Azalea walked out of their room at the same time, she directly said, “Ayunna, you look so dingy. You’re so much different with Azalea. Look at her, she looks so beautiful.” Azalea looked so happy because her mom had praised her, while Ayunna looked so sad, she never wanted to be ugly and why her mom never raised her up.

     And the girls grew up. Ayunna was still an ugly girl, while Azalea became more and more beautiful. The two daughters always helped her mother at home. Azalea helped her mother cook in the kitchen and Ayunna cleaned the house. When there’re guests visit their house, Mrs. Rosa always tell them that Azalea was very diligent and Ayunna was lazy to do the house chores. From mouth to mouth, everyone in the village had known about the two different daughters of Mrs. Rosa. Ayunna was really disappointed because her mom had never appreciated what she had done. Every night, she cried on her pillow. She never knew the reason why her mom always treated them differently.

     Azalea was very popular in her village to the next village because of her beauty. There were many boys and men had an eye for her. One day, there was a family from the next village came to Mrs. Rosa’s home to represent their son to propose the first daughter. Mrs. Rosa was so happy because finally one her daughter would be getting married, so she accepted the family’s proposal. Then, Mrs. Rosa told Ayunna that there was a man who had proposed her.  Ayunna felt ecstatic because she knew who the man was. He was a handsome man that she always saw in the mosque. Mrs. Rosa also told her neighbors about the marriage of her daughter, Ayunna.
     Soon after that, the family of the man came again to Mrs. Rosa’s home with cavalcade. They wanted to confront the bridegroom. Ayunna was so nervous waiting for the man. When, Mrs. Rosa called Ayunna to appear from her room, the man and his family were so surprised.

The man’s mother said angrily, “I don’t want to wed my son with Ayunna. She is not beautiful. I want to wed my son with your older daughter.”

Then, Rosa responded her, “But Ayunna is my first daughter. You’ve said that you wanted to wed your son with my first daughter.”

The man finally spoke, “Uh, mom. I don’t want to marry an ugly and lazy girl. I want to wed only with Azalea.”

 Mrs. Rosa said, “My apology Mr. and Mrs. Rud, and also to you Raffa, we can’t wed Raffa with Azalea because everybody in our village has known that Raffa will marry Ayunna.”

“So we can’t continue this marriage. I’m so sorry, Mrs. Rosa.”

     Finally, the man and his family left their home with the cancellation of the wedding. Ayunna could only cry all day and night long because of embarrassment. Every body in the village talked about Ayunna’s unfortunate destiny. Mrs. Rosa said to Ayunna, “Why nobody likes you. Why? Because you’re not beautiful.” Then, Ayunna answered while crying, “Because you never said even only one good thing about me. And I never wish to be ugly like this, mom” Mrs. Rosa said, “Now you have to find a husband by yourself or you’ll never get married.”

     A year later, there was a handsome and rich man proposed Azalea. Mrs. Rosa actually wanted to wed Ayunna first, but nobody proposed her. She didn’t want to waste the opportunity and Azalea agreed too, so she accepted the proposal. Unlikely, Ayunna had to agree with her little sister’s wedding, even though she was hurt deep inside. And finally Azalea’s wedding was carried out revelry. One day, Azalea said to Ayunna, “Poor you, my sister! I hope that you’ll get married soon. But, who want to marry you?” Azalea’s words really hurt Ayunna.

     Ayunna had many friends who always ready to help her to find the right man. One by one man back away when they met Ayunna at the first time because they knew that she’s not as beautiful as they thought before. Ayunna was still patient waiting for her prince. Day after day, time passed away, Ayunna still felt so lonely, even though she had many friends around her. She was jealous with the happiness of her sister who had got a beautiful baby. She prayed every night and day. When, she was doing the house works, she prayed. When she was at work, she prayed. She also prayed on her bed all night long before her eyes were closed.

     One day, Ayunna was walking under the rain using her umbrella. She saw an old woman walked cross the street and got drenched. Then, Ayunna run to reach the old woman. She helped the woman cross the street and lent her jacket to her. She had compassion to the old woman, so she decided to accompany to her home. The old woman asked Ayunna to stay at her home until the rain stopped. They talked for long time. The old woman’s name was Mrs. Linda and she lived alone in her house. Mrs. Linda talked about her lonely life and her lovely grandson who always visited her once a week. She also asked Ayunna about her family and then they talked so much about Ayunna’s life. Ayunna felt so comfortable stay at Mrs. Linda’s home, but she had to leave her because it was already evening. Mrs. Linda asked her to come again on the next day and Ayunna promised to come.

     The next day, Ayunna came to Mrs. Linda’s house. She helped her to clean the house and cooked for her. Suddenly, a man was standing at the door, looked at them seriously. Then, Mrs. Linda introduced him as her grandson. He was a young and a very handsome man, named Harri.  Ayunna wasn’t confident to be near him, but Harri was so outgoing that she felt more comfortable to be with them.

     Day by day, Ayunna often spent her time with Mrs. Linda because Mrs. Linda always invited her to come. One day Mrs. Linda said to her, “I’ve never seen such a beautiful girl like you, Ayunna.” Ayunna was so happy because it was at the first time someone said that she was beautiful. And she didn’t forget to say thanks to God and to Mrs. Linda.

     Ayunna and her mother were so surprised when they saw Mrs. Linda came to her house. Mrs. Linda came to propose Ayunna for her grandson, Harri. Mrs. Linda said that Harri had fallen in love with her at the first sight. It was unbelieveable but thanks God said Ayunna in her mind. A month after the proposal session, finally Ayunna and Harri got married. And Mrs. Rosa said to her, “you look so beautiful, my daughter.” Her mother’s words were like a spirit to her soul. She felt so much beautiful and so much confident now. She promised to herself to do the best things for all of the people around her.

And finally they live happily ever after. 

Inspired by a true story….

                                                                                              Riyuni Mark


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