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Friday, July 1, 2011

Here I am

Some people are lucky,
They don’t have to sacrifice to get their happiness.
Some people are unfortunate,
They won’t be happy even though they have to die.
But this girl, my self…
I’m a disregarded person.
I’m not that despicable.
And I’m not hiding or running.
I’m just talking less.
And nobody sees me here.

How many oceans in this world?
I’m gonna dive into the deepest sea.
How many deserts in this world?
I’m gonna traverse down the Sahara.
How many mountains in this world?
I’m gonna climb up the highest top.
How many cities and countries in this world?
I’m gonna fly through the sky, walk through the roads.
How many people in this world?
I ‘m gonna find someone who can see me.
I’m gonna do anything,
To show the world that I’m exist.


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